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Participate in a Webinar

Rural PREP organizes regular webinars on topics related to rural health. Take a look at the webinar page or check out our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.


Join as a Team for Rural PREP Grand Rounds

Rural PREP organizes regular Grand Rounds team events on topics related to rural health. Take a look at the Grand Rounds page or check out our events calendar for more information.


Apply for Microreasearch Funding

Microsearch is a community-based research approach that supports, with small “seed grant” funding, locally generated and implemented projects leading to local solutions to problems in underserved communities, resulting in big impact. Find out more on the Microresearch page.


Get feedback on your research or help others refine their work!

Join a Design and Dissemination Studio, an event where communities participate in the design of research and then help interpret and disseminate the results. The process makes research more community-centered, culturally-relevant, and accessible to those who will most benefit from the findings.