Teaching Kits

Rural PREP offers free educational materials on topics related to rural practice in the form of teaching kits. Our teaching kits contain all you need to facilitate your own active learning activities with your team or group of learners. They are designed as table-top activities and all you need to provide is the space, projector/video player, and the learners! If your team is working remotely these days our Teaching Kits are designed to be modified, adapted, and personalized. Our Teaching Kits can be easily adapted to run on your preferred web-conferencing platform. Need ideas? Contact us for a phone consultation.

These activities are designed to last about an hour or so and follow a basic format:

  • Pre-activity Assignments
  • Brief Presentation
  • In-session Activity
  • Discussion

Each teaching kit contains a facilitator guide. Our facilitator guides outline step-by-step instructions on how to facilitate your own learning activity. We encourage you to review, modify, and adapt our materials to meet the needs of your learners and modality.

Our teaching kits are generated from Rural PREP Grand Rounds. After each live Grand Rounds, our instructional designers build learning materials around the recordings that you can use to facilitate an active learning with your team.

Have questions about how you can use our teaching kits in your setting? Contact us to request a phone call so we can go over the details!

Available Kits: