Pre-Session Assignment

Before the session, complete the following activities and answer the individual readiness questions. Print your answers for use in a team activity.

  1. View the Oregon Office of Rural Health’s  “Integrating Primary Care and Public Health” Video, with emphasis on the first 45 minutes.
  2. View a featured presentation from the 2020 Rural Health Scholars online Retreat. Click here to view via YouTube
  3. Discuss your community’s response to COVID-19 (or a current public health issue) with a local rural clinician (physician, NP, etc.). Listen to their “story” to hear what roles physicians in your community played in the local response to COVID-19. Ask these questions (note: if you plan to discuss a different public health issue, modify, as appropriate):
    1. Using a word or phrase, describe your thoughts and emotions from the first few days or weeks of the pandemic.
    2. How did your practice change?
    3. How did you align your practice with your community’s public health response?
  4. Bring these reports to the active learning session, for discussion with your group.