Community of Practice

Rural PREP expands an already-developing scholarly community of practice in rural health professions education, research, and primary care training and delivery. The community of practice is evidence-based, community-engaged, and practice-informed.

A community of practice is an informal or organized learning community or virtual space in which members:

  • Demonstrate mutual engagement
  • Participate in a continually renegotiated common endeavor or joint enterprise
  • Use a shared repertoire of communal resources (routines, sensibilities, artifacts, vocabulary, styles, etc.) that members have developed over time in arriving at solutions and making a significant impact1, 2

Rural PREP developed strategies for growing our community of practice:

Current directory of rural programs

For a current directory of rural programs in our growing community of practice in rural health professions education, see this list maintained by the RTT Collaborative.

Rural PREP’s 5-year reach (2016-2021)

Our current community of practice includes on-line attendees at our webinars, Rural PREP Grand Rounds site participants, microresearch recipients, research collaborators, partnering organizations and more.


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Rural PREP's 5-year reach (2016-2021)

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