Rural PREP Teaching Kits

Above: Gallery of Rural PREP Grand Rounds session, February 22, 2018: “Improving Rural Practice with DNPs”

Engaging clinical learners and faculty in scholarly interactions is a challenge for any training program. Rural PREP Grand Rounds provide an opportunity for learners and faculty to hear from experts and discuss timely rural health and rural primary care issues. Rural PREP Grand Rounds brought experts on rural health into teaching settings.

What is Rural PREP Grand Rounds?

Rural PREP Grand Rounds team-based learning (TBL) sessions engaged learners and faculty from multiple disciplines at various stages of their professional development. The Grand Rounds process engaged teams from rural sites across the US in an online event that is both a presentation of a rural health topic and an active learning session, a 12-minute presentation relevant to rural health.

Teaching Kits

An archive of Rural PREP Grand Rounds, bundled for active learning in teams

Interested in previous Grand Rounds topics? Built from content provided by expert Grand Rounds presenters, these active-learning Teaching Kits can be used at your individual site. Follow our detailed facilitator guide to organize and conduct your own active learning session.

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