The application process for the next round of microresearch funding, for the July 2018-June 2019 academic year, will be open in May. Sign up for updates or contact us below for further information.

Rural PREP’s Microresearch Approach

Rural PREP is providing multiple awards of up to $4,000 each to encourage research by learners in rural health professions education and training about:

  • Rural primary care
  • Rural population health
  • Rural health workforce education and training

A faculty mentor will be assigned by Rural PREP or approved as requested by the student or trainee.

Preference will be given to research that is:

  • Community-engaged, including a commitment of in-kind community contributions
  • Collaborative across health professions or institutions

Rural PREP Microresearch Funding Application Technical Assistance - Webinar slides

Other Examples

Who is eligible to apply?

Current students in a medical school or a nurse practitioner or physician assistant program, residents in a rural residency program, or other health professionals training for primary care practice in a rural location.

We consider a residency or other training program “rural” if it meets any two federal definitions (See the web-based tool “Am I Rural?”; note that “Census 2010, Percent Rural” does not count for this purpose). If a resident is part of an urban “rurally-focused” residency, then the project must be anchored in a rural place and meet the criterion “other health professionals training for primary care practice in a rural location.” In other words, the proposal must clearly indicate that the learner is training for primary care practice in a rural community, e.g, a study of the rural rotations that a learner’s training peers are experiencing, or an exploration of the community’s perceptions of learners in a rural community.

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