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Measuring the Commitment of Health Professions Schools to Rural Primary CareRural PREP Rural PREP study to determine which U.S. medical schools produce high proportions of rural primary care physicians and what educational and organizational characteristics contribute to high rural production health workforce Rural PREP Study
Microresearch: Promoting Scholarly Activity That Addresses Health Disparities in Rural Health Professional Education ProgramsRural PREP Microresearch is an innovative, mentored research experience, originally developed in Africa and adapted for U.S. health professional trainees preparing for rural primary care practice. This report describes program elements (funding, mentorship, and peer support) that others may replicate to develop research and leadership skills through community engagement to address health disparities. health workforce research Journal Article, Microresearch
Supporting Medical Education Reforms Through Data and Local Advocacy for Rural PipelinesRural PREP Rural pipeline programs can be useful tools in medical education reform to benefit counties with the gain of family physicians and production of health professionals. This webinar featuring Dr. John Wheat will explore the role of rural medical educators in further reforming medical education and training and impacting local health care. Webinar
Pipelines to Pathways: Medical School Commitment to Producing a Rural WorkforceRural PREP This is a descriptive study of publicly available and rurally relevant characteristics of all 182 allopathic and osteopathic medical schools operating in the 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2016, with rural program information for these schools updated in 2019. The authors constructed a “rural program” definition in order to systematically catalog coordinated and strategic medical school efforts to produce a rural physician workforce. Admission to Medical School/Residency health workforce Rural Study,
The Impact of Telepsychiatry Services on the Training of Rural Primary Care Teams in Integrated Behavioral HealthcareRural PREP Rural PREP study to determine if primary care providers who participate in the Collaborative Care Model of telepsychiatry consultation develop increased behavioral health expertise health workforce Rural PREP Study
Supporting Rural Programs Through Telehealth: Training, Supervision, and Collaborative Mental Health CareRural PREP Webinar on potential of telehealth as an effective, well-accepted, and cost-effective platform to deliver mental health treatment to those who may not otherwise be able to access such treatment. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Welcoming Diverse Clinical Learners into Diverse Rural CommunitiesRural PREP This webinar will briefly review the staffing needs of rural communities and the experiential opportunities for trainees there, and will discuss methods to support learners from diverse backgrounds in these settings. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Targeted Rural Health EducationRural PREP This webinar examines the Targeted Rural Health Education (TRHE) project, which provides health profession students with the opportunity to gain experience writing plain language health education stories based on topics from the community needs assessments or a clinical experience for publication in a rural newspaper. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
What Is the Impact on Rural Area Residents When the Local Physician Leaves?Rural PREP This article from Microresearch awardee Paulius Mui explores aspects of access to care, both within and outside of primary care settings, that result from loss of a rural family physician. health workforce Rural PREP Study
Scholarly Dissemination to Rural AudiencesRural PREP This webinar presented by Shawnda Schroeder, PhD, MA, will discuss the importance of disseminating your work as well as the various modes of dissemination with special attention paid to the journal publication process. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Targeted Medical School Admissions: A Strategic Process for Meeting Our Social MissionRural PREP Increased medical school class sizes and new medical schools have not addressed the workforce inadequacies in primary care or underserved settings. This article outlines admissions strategies to recruit students likely to practice in primary care or underserved settings. Admission to Medical School/Residency health workforce Primary Care Issues research Rural Rural PREP Special Populations Journal Article, Study
The Landscape of Rural Health ResearchRural PREP This presentation by Jennifer Burges and Marcia Ward looks into the relationship between policy, research, and FORHP with examples of when research has influenced policy and federal programs and when policy has influenced research. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Why Do I Teach in Rural Practice? A day in the life of a rural preceptorRural PREP The teaching kit featuring work by Robert Ostrander, MD. will explore the importance of teaching in rural practice to both one's well-being and to student learning. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Microresearch for Rural HealthRural PREP Rural PREP webinar describing the global impact of "microresearch" and explaining how to apply for a Rural PREP microresearch award health workforce July 2017 Rural PREP Webinar
Rural Health Leadership Radio: A Conversation with Davis Patterson, PhDRural PREP Rural Health Leadership Radio podcast guest Davis Patterson, PhD, Director of Rural PREP discussing rural health workforce research and rural health professional education health workforce Rural PREP Audio
Qualitative Inquiry for Rural ProgramsRural PREP Webinar describing practical methods for qualitative research and evaluation for rural health professional educators, learners, and practitioners December 2017 health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Local Access to Labor & Obstetrical Delivery and Prenatal CareRural PREP The Local Access to Labor & Obstetrical Delivery and Prenatal Care teaching kit, featuring John Waits, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Faculty Physician at Cahaba Medical Services, discusses the reopening of rural labor and delivery units. access health workforce infant mortality perinatal outcomes Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Clinical Training Experiences for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Rural Primary CareRural PREP Rural provider shortages in primary care can be alleviated by encouraging and supporting nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice in rural clinical sites, which are more likely to employ NPs than urban sites health workforce Rural PREP Journal Article, Study
Microresearch Technical Assistance Webinar – 2019Rural PREP Webinar designed to assist prospective applicants in applying to the Rural PREP Microresearch program health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Live Where You WorkRural PREP The Live Where You Work teaching kit, featuring Kate Abraham, MD, MPH, discusses geography’s influence on poverty and access to health care and the difference it makes when you live in the community you serve. access community involvement geography health workforce poverty Rural PREP rural-focused medical school track social reform Teaching Kits
Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Rural Clinical Training Experiences for Physician AssistantsRural PREP This Rural PREP study will survey and interview PA program directors to describe the approaches of rurally oriented PA programs as well as the availability and varying models of rural clinical training in the most successful programs. health workforce Rural PREP Study
Negotiating the IRB ProcessRural PREP This webinar convenes a panel who will share their experience and wisdom in navigating the IRB process in rural communities and in the area of rural health. health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Mental Health in Rural CommunitiesRural PREP This teaching kit featuring Diane Rohlman, PhD, will explore the need to understand the factors that impact mental health in rural communities and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of distress and to learn strategies and resources that are available to help you or someone else. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Rural: Objective Reality or Simple PerceptionRural PREP This teaching kit featuring Randall Longenecker, MD, will help you negotiate critical conversations on definitions and perceptions of 'rural' and make good decisions around education and training for rural practice. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Rural Newborn CareRural PREP This teaching kit featuring Brandon Ferguson, MD, will focus on some of the challenges specific to rural newborn care. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Presenting Your Case: Making use of telehealth in rural practiceRural PREP This teaching kit featuring work by Van Roper, Phd., RN., FNP-C will showcase the use of the ECHO model to provide meaningful experiential learning and patient care collaborative experience for both primary care providers and health professions students in an interprofessional environment. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Recruitment to Rural Residency Programs: Match Rates and Best PracticesRural PREP This study explores the history of National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) match rates for rurally located family medicine residency programs over the past 25 years (1995-2020) in an effort to examine the widely held perception that low match rates equate to unfavorable program outcomes and to identify successful recruitment strategies for rural programs and for recruitment to rural practice generally. Admission to Medical School/Residency health workforce recruitment Rural Rural PREP Study
Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Recruitment and Retention of Nurse Practitioners in Rural Primary Care Through ResidenciesRural PREP Encouraging and supporting nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice in rural clinical sites can alleviate rural primary care provider shortages. This study will identify characteristics of successful models of postgraduate NP clinical training programs that support NPs’ transition to rural employment and effective practice through interviews with key stakeholders at rural and rural-serving primary care NP residencies. health workforce nurse practitioner primary care Rural Rural PREP Study
How Can We Support Rural-centric Residency Programs as Unified ACGME Accreditation Approaches in 2020?Rural PREP Rural PREP study identifies challenges and solutions to support rural and small residency programs critical to rural communities health workforce Rural PREP Study
Learner Centered Research MentoringRural PREP Webinar describing mentoring models, roles, and skills for successful mentoring health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Increasing Capacity and Joy in PreceptingRural PREP In this professional development webinar Dr. Schmidt will share her experience and lessons learned from precepting 3-6 learners in a teaching half-day in the office. health workforce Webinar
Engaging Learners in Addressing Rural Population HealthRural PREP Webinar describing health hazards associated with radon gas, the testing and remediation process, and the principles of a population health intervention health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
How Can We Strengthen Rural Opportunities in K-16 Education to Promote Primary Care Health Careers?Rural PREP Health career pathway programs can promote and prepare rural students in grades kindergarten through college (K–16) for health careers, but little is known about the prevalence and characteristics of these programs in the U.S. This mixed-methods study provides a baseline description of health career pathway programs for rural K–16 students through a scoping review, survey, […] health workforce research Rural PREP Journal Article, Study
Focus Groups in Health Research – Just the BasicsRural PREP Webinar describing basic considerations needed for researchers interested in using focus groups in their studies health workforce Rural PREP Webinar
Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox in a Rural SettingRural PREP The Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox teaching kit, featuring Kim Kardonsky, MD, and Dave Evans, MD, explores the role of rural providers in alcohol abuse and detox. CIWA-Ar coordination of care health workforce Rural PREP transportation issues Teaching Kits
Gestational Diabetes: Diagnoses and Management with a Rural TwistRural PREP The Gestational Diabetes teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, discusses how rural physicians can improve the outcomes of Gestational diabetes (GDM). Care for this population by family physicians in a rural place comes with unique opportunities and challenges. acquiring skills congenital malformations health workforce perinatal outcomes pregnancy complications Rural PREP social determinants of health Teaching Kits
Adverse Childhood ExperiencesRural PREP The Adverse Childhood Experiences teaching kit, featuring Neal Bowen, PhD, discusses the array of lifetime negative health outcomes that may result from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the unique challenges they present in a rural setting. abuse community involvement disordered environment health workforce parental trauma Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Agricultural Exposures: Organophosphate Pesticide Poisoning and PreventionRural PREP The Agricultural Exposures teaching kit, featuring Diane Rohlman, PhD, discusses the dangers of organophosphate pesticides and how understanding the context of application and exposure is helpful for recommending methods for prevention. decontamination environment exposure risk health workforce hierarchy of controls pesticide drift Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Addressing Maternity Deserts: A Role for Operative Obstetrics in Family MedicineRural PREP The Addressing Maternity Deserts teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, presents an overview of appropriate training and planning for those interested in considering a path towards obtaining the skills, privileges and maintenance of competence in operative obstetrics. acquiring skills cesarean credentialing health workforce perinatal outcomes Rural PREP surgical services Teaching Kits
Group Medical Visits: An Innovative Solution for Chronic Pain Management in a Rural ContextRural PREP The Group Medical Visits teaching kit, featuring Jaclyn Thatcher, RN, DNP/FNP-S, and Jacob Thatcher, OMS IV, explores the potential of Group Medical Visits (GMVs) to transform chronic pain management in rural primary care and the delivery of medical care in the United States. communication education financial productivity health workforce recruitment retention Rural PREP support Teaching Kits
Good FencesRural PREP The Good Fences teaching kit, featuring Randy Longenecker, MD, focuses on negotiating relationships in healthy ways, including healthy boundary setting, boundary crossings, and boundary maintenance. boundaries conflict of interest dual relationships health workforce negotiating power differential Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Are Family Physicians Trained in Small Rural Residencies of Comparable Quality to Family Physicians Overall?Rural PREP This Rural PREP study seeks to demonstrate the value of rural training by examining how graduates of small rural family medicine programs compare with other family medicine residency graduates on ratings of competence and medical knowledge, current scope of practice, and other indicators of value. health workforce Rural PREP Study
A Day in the Life of a Rural Family PhysicianRural PREP This teaching kit featuring Scott Anzalone, MD, will focus on one family physician practicing in rural Ohio, who, until recent years, practiced full scope – office, hospital, maternity care, nursing home, home visits, endoscopy, minor surgery and orthopedics health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Doctor, Can I Trust You?Rural PREP This teaching kit featuring Katy Kropf, DO, will look at the many societal factors contribute to the health disparities experienced by LGBTQIA patients living in rural areas health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
Demystifying the Rural Job Search: Putting your best foot forwardRural PREP This teaching kit featuring work by Mike Shimmens and Michelle Varcho will help Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians untangle the many barriers to their rural job search by introducing tools and resources designed to help those that are looking for rural specific opportunities. health workforce Rural PREP Teaching Kits
A Design and Dissemination Studio: Building a Scholarly Community of Practice in Rural Health Professions Education and TrainingRural PREP Rural PREP has adapted a process, originally developed for cancer research, to engage community members in a research Design and Dissemination Studio in rural health professions education, enlarging a scholarly community of practice in preparing a future rural health workforce. Longenecker RL, Schmitz D, Pollack SW, Patterson DG. A design and dissemination studio: Building a […] health workforce research Rural Journal Article
An Organic Approach to Health Professions Education and Health Equity: Learning in and With Underserved CommunitiesRural PREP Since the Flexner Report in 1910, medical education has taken a primarily technical approach to preparing students for science-based medical practice. Adequately addressing the complex problems leading to population health disparities and achieving health equity is not possible through a technical approach to education alone. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, who brought organic architecture to […] education health workforce Rural Journal Article
Who, What, and Where: Transforming Primary Care Education to Advance Health Equity To transform primary care with the goal of achieving health equity, changes in the way the health care workforce is selected, trained, and ultimately delivers care should be expedited. Research has repeatedly shown the immense impact of the social determinants of health and the gaps related to health equity in the United States. Despite this knowledge, health care education and delivery systems have been slow to evolve. The Health Resources and Services Administration established the Academic Units for Primary Care Training and Enhancement to work towards strengthening the primary care workforce. Through their research, the six individual Academic Units (AU) have identified gaps related to health equity in their areas of focus. This article provides recommendations from the AUs on ways primary care health professions education can be transformed to advance health equity and serves as background for the articles to follow in the remainder of the supplement. health equity primary care Journal Article
Leveraging Collective Impact to Promote Health Equity The purpose of this paper is to describe how the Academic Units for Primary Care Training and Enhancement (AU-PCTE) used the Collective Impact Model to promote health equity. The Collective Impact Model and its five conditions provided a framework for the Academic Units for Primary Care Training and Enhancement (AU-PCTE), representing multiple universities in the United States, to promote health equity. Through the establishment of shared measurement, continuous communication, mutually reinforcing activities, and the guidance of the backbone support organization, the work of each AU contributed to the collective impact on health equity. It is important to underscore that collective impact is an iterative process with both challenges and successes. collective impact paper Journal Article
A Framework for Transforming Primary Care Health Care Professions Education and Training to Promote Health Equity A diverse and well-trained, distributed and resourced primary care workforce is essential for advancing health equity. However, few standardized models exist to guide health care professions education (HCPE) on core competencies regarding understanding and effectively addressing social determinants of health, social injustice, structural barriers, and the high burden of health needs in marginalized populations. We […] education health equity health workforce primary care Journal Article
Personalizing a Pandemic Message for Rural Communities This webinar on the COVID-19 pandemic was presented by Drs. Joanna and Ross Kauffman during the online 19th Annual Rural Health Scholars retreat “Making Population Health for Rural Communities Personal” covid-19 pandemic Webinar
UW Center for Health Workforce Studies – COVID-19 Research A collection of activities conducted by the UW CHWS team that highlight the importance of the health workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. coronavirus covid dashboard graphs health workforce Study
Contributions of US Medical Schools to Primary Care (2003-2014): Determining and Predicting Who Really Goes Into Primary Care This article details a retrospective study to determine the magnitude by which primary care output is overestimated by commonly used metrics and identify a more accurate method for predicting actual primary care output. Study
Rural GME brings together partners in every specialty and experts from across the U.S. in all aspects of rural graduate medical education to provide technical assistance and resources. Website
MicroResearch: Finding sustainable local health solutions in East Africa through small local research studies Associated article outlining the history and outcomes for the first five years of the program. Report
Microresearch at Dalhousie University and Mbarara University A microresearch effort led by individuals at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Mbarara, Uganda Program
Family Medicine Cafe An informal meeting live at Google hangouts to chat about themes related to rural family medicine. Link to video from the 16th Rural Family Medicine Café: Rural Research Video
Journal of Rural Mental Health Journal publishing articles on policy implications, community-level issues, integrated care, evidence-based practices, cultural factors, and ethical and regulatory considerations related to rural health research, practice, and policy clinical cultural evaluation evidence-based health disparities health equity integrated care integration policy practice regulatory research social justice Journal
Rural Behavioral Health Webinars Webinars discussing behavioral health issues for families in rural areas collection community cultural improvement membership partnerships planning practice training tribal webinar Webinar
Rural Doctors Webinars Australia-based collection of webinars and resources providing clinical updates, topical information, and research on relevant areas of health, medicine and general practice clinical collection cultural education practice resource library training webcast webinar Webinar
Rural Health Information Hub (RHIhub) Comprehensive resource hub providing information, opportunities, and resources on rural health community membership partnerships policy program Website
RHIhub Topic Guides Resource center with links to key rural-health related publications, maps, websites, new, event and organizations conference events program project research study Website
RHIhub Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health Detailed guides for how to build effective community health programs that make best use of limited funding and resources community evaluation improvement membership partnerships planning program project research study technical assistance tools Website
Rural Medical Education Group
Special interest group within the National Rural Health Association dedicated to preparing rural physicians through network development and advocacy education organization Multiple
National Primary Care Association Links (PCA) List of hyperlinks to state and regional primary care associations supporting the HRSA Health Center Program agency collection government technical assistance training websites; organization Website
Rural Health Research Gateway Resource center providing easy access to the research products, researchers, and projects of the HRSA Rural Health Research Centers collection project research study Multiple
Nonprofit organization connecting health professionals searching for jobs in rural or underserved areas with health care facilities jobs practice workforce Multiple
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
In the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the primary federal agency for improving health care to people who are geographically isolated, economically or medically vulnerable agency cultural government health disparities health equity improvement planning practice social justice Multiple
Rural Health Resource Guide, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Resource library within the HRSA website that provides links and descriptions of rural health related resources agency community evaluation government; collection grants information technology IT membership partnerships research resource library technical assistance telehealth telemedicine telepsychiatry toolkit tools Multiple
National Rural Health Resource Center Non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, information, tools, and resources for the improvement of rural health care collection conference events improvement jobs leadership organization planning resource library technical assistance toolkit tools training workforce Multiple
Office of Rural Health, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that works to increase access to care for veterans living in rural communities advocacy agency community government improvement membership partnerships planning project research study Multiple
Office of Rural Health Research Library, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Resource library within the Veterans Health Administration that contains studies on the delivery of healthcare services to rural veterans agency collection evaluation government improvement journal planning recruitment research resource library retention workforce Multiple
Rural Health Fellows Program, National Rural Health Association (NRHA)
Program of the National Rural Health Association to train leaders who can articulate a clear and compelling vision for rural health collaboration communication leadership partnerships program training Program
Recruitment and Retention of Providers in Rural Areas (3RNet)
Presentation slides from 3RNet describing practical recruitment strategies for rural areas improvement planning recruitment retention workforce Slides
The Journal of Rural Health Journal focused on advancing rural health related research and enabling communication between health researchers and other relevant professionals collaboration communication evaluation partnerships research Journal
WWAMI Rural Health Research Center Policy-oriented research organization focusing rural health professional education, supply, demand, and distribution, as well as availability and quality of rural healthcare behavioral health evaluation health disparities health equity mental health organization policy project research RHRC social justice study workforce WWAMI Multiple
Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care Practices A guide for rural primary care practices in suicide prevention behavioral health education mental health toolkit training Multiple
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Federal agency created to advise on health issues impacting rural communities, help increase access to care for underserved populations, and build health care capacity advocacy agency government Multiple
The Annals of Family Medicine Journal dedicated to advancing knowledge essential to understanding and improving health and primary care clinical education evaluation evidence-based integrated care integration journal policy practice project research study Journal
National Rural Health Association (NRHA)
A nonprofit membership organization and key Rural PREP partner providing leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communication, education, and research advocacy collaboration communication community education evaluation leadership membership partnerships project research study Website
RHIhub Webinars Online library with rural-health focused webinars collection webinar Library, Webinar
Graduate Medical Education for Rural Practice (NRHA/AAFP)
Policy brief from the National Rural Health Association and American Academy of Family Physicians with recommendations on medical training in rural areas Report
Rural Health Resources and Best Practices, National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Resource library with links and descriptions of free rural-health focused resources collection organization resources Multiple
Robert Graham Center Organization to improve individual and population healthcare delivery through the generation or synthesis of evidence that brings a family medicine and primary care perspective to health policy deliberations from the local to international levels project research study Multiple
The GME Initiative Website describing the advocacy efforts to reform graduate medical education programs to increase the supply of primary care physicians education GME graduate medical education medical school student Website
Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention: Global policy recommendations Report proposing sixteen evidence-based recommendations on how to improve the recruitment and retention of health workers in underserved areas recruitment retention training workforce Report
Rural Health Clinic Educational Resources, National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH)
Resource library containing how-to guidance for rural health clinics emergency preparedness funding improvement organization planning policy technical assistance value-based Multiple
National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH)
Organization promoting the capacity of State Offices of Rural Health to improve health care in rural America through leadership development, advocacy, education and partnerships advocacy collaboration communication education evaluation improvement leadership membership organization partnerships planning policy technical assistance toolkit tools Multiple
National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) Association focused on improving access, availability, and acceptability of behavioral health services and research in rural and frontier areas advocacy behavioral health jobs mental health organization policy workforce Multiple
Rural Policy Research Institute Organization that provides information on challenges, needs, and opportunities of rural communities with the intent to provoke dialog and action by the public and policy makers collaboration communication evaluation networks organization partnerships policy research resource library Multiple
Toolkit for Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians in Rural Areas (NOSORH)
Guide describing methods and resources for recruitment and retention of rural primary care physicians improvement planning recruitment retention toolkit workforce Report
Quality of Life Impacts the Recruitment and Retention of Rural Health Care Providers (NRHA)
Policy brief with recommendations to address barriers to rural recruitment and retention improvement planning recruitment retention workforce Report
Rural and Remote Health Journal focused on providing accessible, peer-reviewed information about rural health service delivery and health status in rural communities (Australia) project research study Journal
Journal of Family Medicine Journal focused on providing accessible, high quality manuscripts related to acute, chronic, and preventive medical care services clinical education evaluation evidence-based integrated care integration journal policy practice project research study Journal
Academic Medicine Official journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges that serves as an international forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and strategies to address the major challenges facing the academic medicine community clinical education evaluation evidence-based integrated care integration journal policy practice project research study Journal
The RTT Collaborative
A cooperative of rural training programs and educators whose goal is to cultivate and sustain programs and develop new ones community education improvement membership organization partner partnerships planning technical assistance toolkit tools training Multiple
Rural Immersion Institute of the North (RIIN) Program allowing healthcare students to experience the realities of rural care in Alaska for 3 weeks Program
HRSA Health Workforce Grand Rounds Series: Strengthening the Rural Health Workforce
Webinar series targeting rural and underserved communities, with the goal of improving health professional training and increasing the number of rural health professionals Webinar
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) Nonprofit membership organization promoting health equity and social justice with a commitment to eliminating health disparities, changing faculty promotion and tenure, and increasing funding for community-campus partnerships Multiple