Rural PREP Webinars

Webinar Title


Presentation Date

Supporting Rural Programs Through Telehealth: Training, Supervision, and Collaborative Mental Health Care Webinar on potential of telehealth as an effective, well-accepted, and cost-effective platform to deliver mental health treatment to those who may not otherwise be able to access such treatment. 12/20/2018
Focus Groups in Health Research – Just the Basics Webinar describing basic considerations needed for researchers interested in using focus groups in their studies 7/26/18
Learner Centered Research Mentoring Webinar describing mentoring models, roles, and skills for successful mentoring 6/28/2018
Engaging Learners in Addressing Rural Population Health Webinar describing health hazards associated with radon gas, the testing and remediation process, and the principles of a population health intervention 5/24/2018
Microresearch Funding Application Technical Assistance WebinarFebruary 2018 January 2018 Webinar designed to assist prospective applicants in applying to the Rural PREP Microresearch program 1/30/2018
Qualitative Inquiry for Rural ProgramsDecember 2017 Webinar describing practical methods for qualitative research and evaluation for rural health professional educators, learners, and practitioners 12/21/2017
Microresearch for Rural HealthJuly 2017 Rural PREP webinar describing the global impact of "microresearch" and explaining how to apply for a Rural PREP microresearch award 7/27/2017