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The Rural PREP team welcomes new topics and presenters for our rural health professions education “Grand Rounds” and our Professional Development Webinars.

Are you engaged in rural practice or in rural health professions education – student, faculty, resident, or other? If so, feel free to submit a topic and the Rural PREP team will work with you to prepare a presentation. Fill out this quick survey and we will be in touch!

Upcoming Webinars

Title: Supporting Medical Education Reforms Through Data and Local Advocacy for Rural Pipelines
Presenter: John Wheat, MD
Date: December 17, 2020
Time: 10:00 PT/1:00pm ET

Webinar Title


Presentation Date

Increasing Capacity and Joy in Precepting In this professional development webinar Dr. Schmidt will share her experience and lessons learned from precepting 3-6 learners in a teaching half-day in the office. 6/25/20
The Landscape of Rural Health ResearchRural PREP This presentation by Jennifer Burges and Marcia Ward looks into the relationship between policy, research, and FORHP with examples of when research has influenced policy and federal programs and when policy has influenced research. 7/23/2020
Scholarly Dissemination to Rural AudiencesRural PREP This webinar presented by Shawnda Schroeder, PhD, MA, will discuss the importance of disseminating your work as well as the various modes of dissemination with special attention paid to the journal publication process. 5/14/2020
Connecting with Underserved and Understudied Populations Through ResearchRural PREP This webinar will address strategies in better understanding three groups – patients from the homeless community, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Amish. 12/19/2019
Negotiating the IRB ProcessRural PREP This webinar convenes a panel who will share their experience and wisdom in navigating the IRB process in rural communities and in the area of rural health. 7/25/2019
Targeted Rural Health EducationRural PREP This webinar examines the Targeted Rural Health Education (TRHE) project, which provides health profession students with the opportunity to gain experience writing plain language health education stories based on topics from the community needs assessments or a clinical experience for publication in a rural newspaper. 6/27/2019
Welcoming Diverse Clinical Learners into Diverse Rural CommunitiesRural PREP This webinar will briefly review the staffing needs of rural communities and the experiential opportunities for trainees there, and will discuss methods to support learners from diverse backgrounds in these settings. 5/23/2019
Microresearch Technical Assistance Webinar – 2019Rural PREP Webinar designed to assist prospective applicants in applying to the Rural PREP Microresearch program 4/23/2019
Supporting Rural Programs Through Telehealth: Training, Supervision, and Collaborative Mental Health CareRural PREP Webinar on potential of telehealth as an effective, well-accepted, and cost-effective platform to deliver mental health treatment to those who may not otherwise be able to access such treatment. 12/20/2018
Focus Groups in Health Research – Just the BasicsRural PREP Webinar describing basic considerations needed for researchers interested in using focus groups in their studies 7/26/18
Learner Centered Research MentoringRural PREP Webinar describing mentoring models, roles, and skills for successful mentoring 6/28/2018
Engaging Learners in Addressing Rural Population HealthRural PREP Webinar describing health hazards associated with radon gas, the testing and remediation process, and the principles of a population health intervention 5/24/2018
Qualitative Inquiry for Rural ProgramsDecember 2017 Rural PREP Webinar describing practical methods for qualitative research and evaluation for rural health professional educators, learners, and practitioners 12/21/2017
Microresearch for Rural HealthJuly 2017 Rural PREP Rural PREP webinar describing the global impact of "microresearch" and explaining how to apply for a Rural PREP microresearch award 7/27/2017