Rural Primary Care Health Professions Research Design and Dissemination Studios (DDS)

A DDS is an innovative strategy where communities participate in the design of research and then help interpret and disseminate the results. The process makes research more community-centered, culturally-relevant, and accessible to those who will most benefit from the findings.

Rural PREP’s DDS goal is to expand an already developing scholarly community of practice in rural primary care health professions education, research and training that is evidence-based, community-engaged and practice-informed.

The objective is to strategically use DDS in multiple professional and community stakeholder settings to:

  • Strengthen research proposals
  • Build a cadre of research-engaged stakeholders
  • Improve recruitment and retention of research participants
  • Increase the relevance of research to a community of practice
  1. An invitation to stakeholder members to participate as “community members” at an established professional meeting they are attending
  2. Pre-session preparation
  3. Community of practice engagement through an in-person review of a new research proposal, early results of research, or a completed study
  4. Subsequent stakeholder follow-up and reporting

* The Rural PREP DDS process was adapted from a strategy used in Clinical Translational Research from the Meharry – Vanderbilt Alliance.

Click here for a summary of the first DDS, held in April of 2017 at The RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting in Anderson, SC.

Have a research proposal, a partially completed study, or a completed study that you believe would be appropriate for this process and venue?