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5/5/2021 National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Annual Rural Health Conference Online Measuring Prenatal Stress Following Labor and Delivery Unit Closures in Rural Western
North Carolina
Rivers Woodward MD, Margaret Sullivan MD Rural Residencies and Fellowships for Nurse Practitioners Louise Kaplan PhD
4/26/2021 Beyond Flexner Virtual Conference Online Engaging Stakeholders in Research on Rural Health Professions Education and Training Randall Longenecker MD    
1/29/2021 The Journey to Rural Practice RTT Collaborative DDS Online Imprinting of Costs of Care for Rural Practice – A proposed study Lars Peterson MD, PhD Impact of Virtual Hangouts on Perceived Social Isolation, Perceived Social Support, and Rural Career Intent Among Geographically Dispersed Osteopathic Medical Students – A study in progress Nicholas LaLanne
8/19/2020 Researching Pathways & Gateways to Rural Practice Rural PREP DDS Online Recruitment to Rural Residency Programs: Match Rates and Best Practices Davis Patterson PhD Which Medical Schools Most Successfully Attract Rural Students and Cultivate Interest in Rural Practice? Julie Phillips MD, MPH,

Andrea Wendling MD

5/20/2020 NRHA virtual conference Online Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Clinical Training Experiences for Physician Assistants Eric Larson PhD Rural surgery workforce assessment: A survey of Midwestern states Jarod Shelton
2/2/2020 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Phoenix, AZ Establishing Minimum Thresholds for Providing Obstetric Care in Rural Communities Katy Kozhimannil PhD, MPA, What Is the Value of Rural
Residency Training for Family Physicians?
Davis Patterson PhD
5/15/2019 RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting Auburn, ME Exploring the Impact of Rural Mini-Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) on Medical Students Sharon Casapulla EdD, Ohio University students: Timothy Cutler and Ryan Paulus Value of a Rural Residency Program Davis Patterson PhD
5/8/2019 NRHA Rural Medical Education Conference Atlanta, GA Primary Care Providers’ Views on Oral Health at Rural Indian Health Services Sites Lisa Simon DMD Promoting Effective Interprofessional Education, Training, and Care in the Rural Context Randall Longenecker MD
10/18/2018 NOSORH Annual Meeting Cheyenne, WY Which Medical Schools Are High Producers of Rural Primary Care Physicians and What Factors Explain Their Success? Davis Patterson PhD    
9/11/2018 3RNet Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA What makes a community a good teaching community? David Schmitz MD, Stacy Kusler BA Community College Pathways to Medical School and Family Medicine Residency Training Erin Griffin PhD
6/25/2018 NOSORH Region D Little Rock, AR Measuring the Commitment of Health Professions Schools to Rural Primary Care Davis Patterson PhD Efficacy of OMT on Reducing Opioid Use in Patients with Chronic Back Pain Suporn Sukpraprut-Braaten PhD
6/12/2018 NOSORH Region A Charlottesville, VA Competence Revisited in a Rural Context Randall Longenecker MD How do rural communities deal with losing their physician? Paulius Mui, Med1
5/9/2018 NRHA Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA Competence Revisited in a Rural Context Randall Longenecker MD Community Health Workers: Strengthening the Care of Rural Populations Dawn Graham PhD
4/11/2018 The RTT Collaborative Spokane, WA Evaluating the Rural and Urban Scholars Pathways Program: Outcomes after 4 Years Sharon Casapulla EdD Measuring the Commitment of Health Professions Schools to Rural Primary Care Davis Patterson PhD
4/20/2017 The RTT Collaborative Anderson, SC Competence Revisited in a Rural Context David Schmitz MD Who REALLY Goes into Primary Care? Mark Deutchman MD