Rural Newborn Care

This teaching kit featuring Brandon Ferguson, MD, will focus on some of the challenges specific to rural newborn care.

Addressing Maternity Deserts: A Role for Operative Obstetrics in Family Medicine

The Addressing Maternity Deserts teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, presents an overview of appropriate training and planning for those interested in considering a path towards obtaining the skills, privileges and maintenance of competence in operative obstetrics.

Gestational Diabetes: Diagnoses and Management with a Rural Twist

The Gestational Diabetes teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, discusses how rural physicians can improve the outcomes of Gestational diabetes (GDM). Care for this population by family physicians in a rural place comes with unique opportunities and challenges.

Local Access to Labor and Obstetrical Delivery and Prenatal Care

The Local Access to Labor & Obstetrical Delivery and Prenatal Care teaching kit, featuring John Waits, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Faculty Physician at Cahaba Medical Services, discusses the reopening of rural labor and delivery units.