Good Fences

The Good Fences teaching kit, featuring Randy Longenecker, MD, focuses on negotiating relationships in healthy ways, including healthy boundary setting, boundary crossings, and boundary maintenance.

Microresearch Technical Assistance Webinar – 2019

Webinar designed to assist prospective applicants in applying to the Rural PREP Microresearch program

Group Medical Visits: An Innovative Solution for Chronic Pain Management in a Rural Context

The Group Medical Visits teaching kit, featuring Jaclyn Thatcher, RN, DNP/FNP-S, and Jacob Thatcher, OMS IV, explores the potential of Group Medical Visits (GMVs) to transform chronic pain management in rural primary care and the delivery of medical care in the United States.

Addressing Maternity Deserts: A Role for Operative Obstetrics in Family Medicine

The Addressing Maternity Deserts teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, presents an overview of appropriate training and planning for those interested in considering a path towards obtaining the skills, privileges and maintenance of competence in operative obstetrics.

Agricultural Exposures: Organophosphate Pesticide Poisoning and Prevention

The Agricultural Exposures teaching kit, featuring Diane Rohlman, PhD, discusses the dangers of organophosphate pesticides and how understanding the context of application and exposure is helpful for recommending methods for prevention.

Supporting Rural Programs Through Telehealth: Training, Supervision, and Collaborative Mental Health Care

Webinar on potential of telehealth as an effective, well-accepted, and cost-effective platform to deliver mental health treatment to those who may not otherwise be able to access such treatment.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

The Adverse Childhood Experiences teaching kit, featuring Neal Bowen, PhD, discusses the array of lifetime negative health outcomes that may result from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the unique challenges they present in a rural setting.

Gestational Diabetes: Diagnoses and Management with a Rural Twist

The Gestational Diabetes teaching kit, featuring Robert Gobbo, MD, discusses how rural physicians can improve the outcomes of Gestational diabetes (GDM). Care for this population by family physicians in a rural place comes with unique opportunities and challenges.

Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox in a Rural Setting

The Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox teaching kit, featuring Kim Kardonsky, MD, and Dave Evans, MD, explores the role of rural providers in alcohol abuse and detox.

Focus Groups in Health Research – Just the Basics

Webinar describing basic considerations needed for researchers interested in using focus groups in their studies